Creating data flexible components with WordPress

Building your WordPress sites by using components is a good habit. But bolting the components data to a fixed source reduces it’s usability around the site. That’s why we try to create components as flexible as possible and only define the format of the data but not the source directly. This allows us to use the components in multiple ways and reuse the same structures inside other more complex structures but also individually. So how do we do this?

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Space in web design

This is the first post to this blog so I’ll say a few words about this effort of ours as a whole. The purpose of this blog in the end is to give back to the community. Most of us google for instructions and how-tos every single day in their work and we thought that it might be a nice idea to try to contribute what we can. If you ended up here just by googling a solution to something I think we’ve succeeded. Hopefully you’ll find what you were looking for.

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